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INTU, Merry Hill Bus Route

Major Bus Route to on site Station

Major Bus Route to on site Station

Key stats


Resurface Bus Route

Reinstate Line Marking

Replace Iron Works


1 Night





Line Marking

External Works


This bus station on site currently has over 100 buses come in and out the centre each day. Our task – Resurface it.


The job itself was very simple however, it was the logistics of the site which posed the challenge. As mentioned, this bus station has over 100 buses each day visit site and it was very important to minimise the impact our works would have on their time tables. We begin works under a ‘part’ closure, allowing buses to use another route. From 10pm on Sunday, we had a 6 hour window to get this huge area resurfaced and line markings reinstated before the buses begin their Monday time table. Obviously we managed the task as this is what we do day in day out.

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